About Chef Nite Orlando

​​​Come and enjoy a fun interactive, edutainment filled nite accompanied with fine delicious food, to satisfy your appetite and conquer your boredom. 
Chef Nite Orlando
Your own Personal Chef, Rashaad Shears, will take you into his crazy culinary world of fun, creativity, while you cut the ties of traditionalism and indulge your self-expression through food.

If you live a busy life, as we all do, then you struggle with how to keep a balanced professional and personal life. Before you pull your hair out and retreat to the quiet closet in your room, I have some help for you. Out of my own frustrations I have put together an affordable and nutritous meal plan for the busy indiviual and the abundant family.
Take your date out and actually engage them instead of watching a movie or struggling over a dinner looking for a conversation. Cooking together instantly bonds you and also gives you a shared memory. Come try a different kind of date and leave with the best experience you've ever had. 
Enjoy the benefit of having your own personal chef, with out breaking the bank
Family Fun that stays in the budget. Entertain the whole family, while eating a fun creative meal. 

The Executive Chef of Java Lava Catering events located in the heart of downtown Orlando, Chef Rashaad is well versed in many cuisines. With a strong background in creating customized menus, while maintaining a tight budget, Chef Rashaad prides himself in creating meals that offer maximun nutritional value while enhancing the overall flavor profile of the meal.

My love for culinary started at a young age, I can remember experimenting with meals and playing in the kitchen as young as 10. After completing high school in Atlanta Ga, I immediately went to the Art Instittue of Atlanta where I studied under a Master Chef and honed my craft and earned my degree. Shortly after graduation, I relocated to Orlando to work for the Disney Corporation. After branching out from Disney, I found my culinary home at Java Lava where I was able to experiment with the menu weekly and created a loyal lunchtime crowd. We then began catering after the demand grew from our customers, and Chef Nite is just my latest brainchild. Being in the kitchen at a young age gave me a sense of purpose and brought my whole family together around our favorite past time, eating. And now as a father of 3, I understand the importance of bonding time with the family. So I created this event to share my love and hopefully for other people to enjoy their loved ones in a new way.