1. 12:00 Group class
    12:00 noon
    12:00 Group class
    The 12'o clock class is family friendly and everyone is encouraged to attend. simple yet elegant dishes so that every one from novice to apprentice can enjoy. Cost for all voucher holders are the Menu cost listed on Calendar
  2. 4pm Group Class
    4:00 pm class
    4pm Group Class
    Everyone is invited. come out and meet new people as we all create together. Cost for all voucher holders are the Menu cost listed on Calendar
  3. 8 pm Group Class Adults only
    8 pm
    8 pm Group Class Adults only
    No Holds barred, Come out as we laugh, eat and cook together. no conversation is off limits only fun vibes allowed Cost for all voucher holders are the Menu cost listed on Calendar
  4. Private Chef Nite  Experience
    Open availability
    Private Chef Nite Experience
    Book a Chef Nite Expierence for your party or group. Choose from a variety of menus that suits your taste buds. $35.00/ person

Private Dininig Expierence

Enjoy an Intimate, Engaging Nite out. Chef Rashaad will give you a live cooking lesson as he prepares a 5 course meal with wine pairings. 
cost is

$200.00/ Couple

Chef Nite Cook Nite
Your own Personal Chef, Rashaad Shears, will take you into his crazy culinary world of fun, creativity, while you cut the ties of traditionalism and indulge your self-expression through food.


There are 4 types of classes to choose from
The Class you choose will determine the start time of each class

Pick ONE time slot for each COUPLE(2) in your party.

Each couple in your party must pay the $5.00 reservation fee if booking through Groupon.

​Note: Your Groupon voucher is your admitance into Chef Nite Orlando. You will be apart of a full interactve show. As the Chef/ Owner I Guarantee a great show, and Amazing Food. There is a MANDATORY FOOD COST FEE. I ensure high quality food.  The total cost of the groupon and food cost will not meet or exceede the cost of a regular price CHEF NITE.


BYOB (Bring your own Beverage)


How to Book your Chef Nite

View the Calendar for Menu Details
Select the Date 
Choose the Class you like
Press Next
Choose the Date/ Choose the Time (Make sure you pick the time that matches the class; Note a 12:15 slot will start at 12:00)
Enter your Information
make the payment
A few other things we need to discuss...

Reservations must be made in advance, at least 6 hours before the start of the event.                                    

​All Reservations are Non-Refundable

​All Menus have an additional food cost specific for each menu, and the reservation fee is applied toward that food cost and will be settled at the cook nite. (seperate from Groupon rate)

  1. All no shows/cancellations will be charged the reservation fee. If you need to reschedule the reservation fee will be used for the next date, if done 3 days before the event.
    ​If the reservation is cancelled after the 3 day cut off and you are not a groupon client,  you will be subject to a 50% charge as the food has been purchased and the spot reserved. 
  2. ​​DO NOT  ARRIVE HUNGRY as you may not eat for another 2 hours.
  3.  All events are scheduled for 3 hours but there is the likelihood that we may go over this time. Everything is provided, tools, food product and instruction from an Executive Chef.
  4. Class may be cancelled if t​he mimimum count isn't reached, you will be notified no later than 6 hours in advanced
The Calender will tell you which menu is assigned to which day. The Menus are themed and are not recipe specific. The Calender will have details for the theme of the nite and any food items used.  

***Click the Computer Icon to right to view the full menu. Full Schedule is shown under the "Monthly" tab.***