Personal Chef Services
  1. Consultation
    Ask me anything from tips on cooking, hosting parties, dietary resolutions, or budget solutions.
  2. Custom Meal Plan
    Together we will come up with a meal plan that works to achieve your goals. A comprehensive evaluation will be used to choose and design menu items to be executed.
  3. Family Meal Plans
    Design your own family meal plan to create meals your family will actually eat and enjoy. Affordable, healthy meals, designed by your family, for your family.
  4. Weight Loss/Gain
    Cant keep your new years diet? It's either too expensive, or just plain ole nasty, whether you need a dietary based meal plan, or just tips and ideas, I can help.
  5. Recipe Help
    Have you seen a recipe on Youtube, Facebook or Pinterest but just can't seem to master it? Let me show you how and even allow you to put your own spin on it.
  6. Party Planning Advice
    Having Thankgiving dinner for the first time or hosting a dinner party at home? I can give you best tips/practices for a successful event.
  7. Food Budget Advice
    Everyone has a budget, I can show you how to stay within it and be creative without feeling constrained.
  8. Leftover Legend
    It is a skill to recreate a brand new meal from the last nights leftovers, let me show you how to breathe new life into old meals.
  9. Seniors/Vets
    Special people have special needs, ALL diets are welcomed.

Personal Chef OptionsĀ 

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